Collin county Farmland

Low Investment and High Returns

Low Investment and High Returns

Grandeur Amenities

Grandeur Amenities

We Preserve your Farm

We Preserve your Farm

Salubrious hub for a blissful living

"If wealth is lost nothing is lost, if health is lost everything is lost” this adage holds good for the times we are living. Health has become the forte for complete mankind today. Collin County, 20 acres project is a one-stop solution to refurbish your health needs and this is not an exaggerated statement from us as our venture’s features speak volumes about our claims..
We promise to pull you away but still not disconnect you from the tiring, sickening urban concrete jungle and put you in our lung spaces, that have all the potency to revitalize and give you holistic healing. Perhaps, which you would not have experienced earlier and also during your lifetime. The array of things that we cater, to enriches you and transforms your lifestyle immensely.

Enriched air that carries a legacy : The farmland for sale ever

Since the times of Qutub Shahi, rulers there is an interesting urdu proverb associated with Cheemaldhari, where our project is located which says “Cheemaldhari ka hawa lakh bhimariyon ka dawa” and translates to “The air of cheemaldhari is medicine for a lakh diseases” and till date this quote has not lost its sheen and there is a scientific reason as well, this place is full of ayurvedic and medicinal plants which purify the air and kill harmful bacteria and viruses. Thus, enriching the quality of air in and around the area.
During olden days, the local hakims or physicians used to refer Tuberculosis and other respiratory related patients to Cheemaldhari and used it as a rehabilitation centre for speedy recovery and cure. This is a priceless testimony that defines our objective as a whole.

Luxurious farm plots nested in the growth corridor

The farmland plotting has been done in accordance with the DTCP standards, opulence and aesthetic look radiates in our layout. Our team has designed the project very meticulously keeping in mind the present and future needs so that our plot owners can lead a king-size life and build their dream houses. The amenities that we provide ameliorate the place and give it an even more premium look. We have taken utmost care to keep the traditional and nativity intact which will reminisce us about our origins.
Another feather in our cap is that we fall under the high growth corridor, Collin County is surrounded by many MNC corporate giants viz. Amazon whose data center is under development,
well-known and established educational institutes like MGIT, CBIT & ICFAI are making their presence felt, branded hospitals, retailers, are already making their inroads.
There is also good road, rail, and airport connectivity which strengthens the logistics and gives us a pleasant travel experience.

Large land holding at an affordable price with assured quick returns

Today, when there is a paucity of land we are offering you a huge chunk of land at an affordable price. The plot dimensions (i.e 600 sq. yards & 1200 sq. yards) that we are giving are seldomly heard. Our pricing is fixed as per market standards, reasonable, and is pocket friendly.
If you are looking at an investment aspect, this is the right thing to go for as the project falls under the growth zone and will reap good dividends in no time. The appreciation value is 10X every year.

Children get privilege to grow in an ethnic and organic ambience

The children of this generation are leading virtual and sedentary lives. They are experiencing everything digitally and online. They are ignorant and aloof about our ethnic values, farming methodology, and customs. Moreover, they are growing away from nature and are in the midst of various electronic gadgets, which is the root cause of various physiological and psychological changes in them.
If children, during their formative years are allowed to grow, in our environment they will learn the importance of nature and also know why they should conserve it.
They will be educated and also have hands-on experience about organic farming methods, flora, and fauna at a very young age this will help them build good mental, physical and emotional health which are pressing issues amongst children. So, this becomes a priceless tangible asset that will transform them into better persons.

Join the elite club and raise the bar : buy best farmland in hyderabad in very less price

The vicinity of Collin County will consist of HNWI/UHNWIs and the Crème de la crème of the society.
The stakeholders are from assorted professions viz. well-established doctors, engineers, lawyers, pilots, bureaucrats, entrepreneurs actors, filmmakers… who contribute to a vibrant and elite neighborhood.
By being part of our project, not only you will be getting to associate with them but also raise your status and standard of living.
Every person strives hard day in and out to improve his quality of life, we will help you achieve it with our green world that we will be creating for you and your family to relish and cherish for the days to come.
To put things in a nutshell this is will be your dream destination

Dwell in a customized farm culture

We have designed our project in such a way, that it has all the amenities nature provides us with. The landscaping gives you ample greenery with a soothing effect. Then there are venue plantations, like mango, custard apple, guava, orange, lemon… which enhance the beauty of the place and also inches us closer to nature.
We have also created waterfalls at prime spots within the project which are not less than the naturally occurring ones. The gazebos are systematically designed for optimum ventilation and sunlight, also for people to meditate, socialize and have some lighter moments with their family, friends, and relatives. We also have our master chefs on call who serve you All these facilities are built with a purpose and give us a better quality of life.

Reap best moments of life from the paradise on earth

Everyone will have some memorable moments in their life, which they wish to celebrate and document. Again this is a picture-perfect venue, for all those sweet things that happen in your life. Weddings, childbirths, birthday parties, family get-togethers, other life events…
Our weekend getaway cottages that are surrounded by calm and beautiful trees, give you good cozy shelter, after a tedious day you can tuck yourself in our cottages and get into a deep sleep and the feeling you derive is that like sleeping in the lap of mother nature.
The bonfire warmth brings your near and dear ones closer with affection, the outdoor party zone helps you unwind yourself and celebrate your great achievements in life.

Enjoy nature’s beauty and brag about your investment

Our team strongly believes in the principles of Akira Miyawaki, a Japanese Botanist and we have designed the floral ecosystem of Collin County accordingly.
The fauna of this place is also simply amazing, you get to see a variety of birds like koels, sparrows, peacocks, pigeons, woodpeckers, etc… in our vicinity.
People with a penchant for wildlife photography, can also make the best out of this place and capture the beautiful stills nature gives.
Your investment in Collin County will make you happy and proud, as each penny of your hard-earned money is justified by mother nature.

Regal living in the lap of mother nature

Collin County, summates the beauty, luxury, grandeur, and amenities of mother nature. How a mother nurtures and takes care of her children, the habitants of this place will also get the same feeling staying here.
We can proudly, say that we have created a lap of the mother for you for a sober and secure living.
The future generations will admire you for the valuable asset given to them. And we anticipate that you will surely be part of nature and own farmland!

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Enjoy nature’s beauty and brag about your investment

Your investment in Collin County will make you happy and proud, as each penny of your hard earned money is justified by mother nature.